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As I go through the song sheets I've done in the past, many errors jump out at me - overlooked when I created the sheets. Unfortunately, when I play the songs, I tend to play what's in my head rather than what's on the sheet, so typos, including the odd wrong chord or starting note, can easily slip by unnoticed.

I'm hoping to gradually make the corrections and upload new song sheets, but that will take time (and usually the corrections are just one letter or number on the sheet) so in the meantime I'm creating a list here of songs looked at and any corrections I've noted. You may want to just make the changes on any sheets you've already printed off.

As always, I'm glad of any alerts from users about broken links or errors!

I'll add to this list as I go. I'm starting with the ukulele song sheets, from Level 1, but the same errors could also be on any sheets for guitar/banjo for the same song.

CHECKED AND NOTED SO FAR: Ukulele Levels 1-14

Songs A-C

ACHY BREAKY SONG - Uke L 11-14; ERROR – broken link

BANKS OF THE OHIO in C - Uke L 6; ERROR – Starting note is C, not F (correct string in diagram, wrong name for note!)

BOTANY BAY Uke L 2-15; ERROR – broken link

By The RIVERS OF BABYLON in C - Uke L.4; ERROR – Starting note should be G (‘1st’ string; i.e. 1st on L of diagram) not C


Songs D-H

DARK EYED MOLLY - Uke L 13 - ERROR - V.3 - should be G chord on wo-man (not A)

DECK THE HALLS - Uke L.5 - Key C; Note - starting note is G (1st string on L of diagram)

DEDICATED FOLLOWER OF FASHION - Uke L.12 – Note: starting note is C (2nd string from L. on diagram)

FOLSOM PRISON BLUES – Uke L. 3, Guitar Level 6; ERROR – intro should be G-D7-G, not G-D7-C

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in F - Uke L.7; ERROR – 3rd line - C chord should be C7

HELLO, MARY LOU - Uke L 14 - ERROR - starting note has moved, should be left string (G); sing an octave lower....

Songs I-M

IF I WERE A CARPENTER - Uke L.11 - Key D; ERROR – starting note OK, but shown on wrong diagram;

ERROR – chords in bridge need fixing!!

I WILL LOVE YOU - Uke L. 4 (15) - Key C; ERROR – needs link fixed

JAMBALAYA - Uke L.11 - Key G; Note- starting note is correct, but lower octave than on ukulele

JINGLE BELLS - Uke L.4 -in C (both versions); ERROR – Starting note (G) should be on ‘1st’ string (1st on L of diagram)

KENNY THE KANGAROO - Uke L.4 -in C - note that B7 chord is optional


Uke L.2 - in G – ERROR – last “-yah” in each verse should be G chord, NOT D!! (error changing from guitar to uke chord shapes).

Guitar version (in A) - ERROR – link isn’t working – will have to find and replace that.

LEAVING OF LIVERPOOL, the - Uke L.12 - Key C; ERRORS with chords –

1) Chorus: start with A7 instead of (D);

2) left out a chord in V 2-4 (OK in V.1): after 1st A7, go back to D next bar (instead of /)

Note: Guitar version probably has these errors too – haven’t checked yet

Songs N-S

O CHRISTMAS TREE - Key C - Uke L.8; ERROR – starting note is G, but ‘1st’ string - on L of diagram

OH, MY DARLING CLEMENTINE - Uke L 12; ERROR – broken link

OH SUSANNA Uke L.4 - Key C; ERROR – link to be fixed

RIVERS OF BABYLON in C - Uke L.4; ERROR – Starting note should be G (‘1st’ string; i.e. 1st on L of diagram) not C

ROCKY ROAD TO DUBLIN - Uke L.8 - Key Dm; Note – starting note is A (‘4th’ string - on R of diagram- open)

ROCKY ROAD TO DUBLIN 2 (easy) - Uke L.8 - Key Dm – ERROR- chorus: 2nd line- C chord should be on all, Dm chord on Whack

Note: this error is probably on the guitar song sheet too.

Starting note is A; as above for uke (guitar 5th string open).

SUMMERTIME - Uke L. 8 - Key Am; Note that N/C = No Chord (i.e. don’t play)

SWING LOW SWEET CHARIOT - Uke L.4 – Key C; ERROR – Verse 2, line 1 – the F and C chords have slipped along;

G should be over some- times, and C should be on down.

Songs T-Z

SMILE THE WHILE, TILL WE MEET AGAIN - Uke L.12 - Key C; ERROR – left out a chord: V. 2 – 2nd line should have G7 in 2nd bar as in V.1 (over ‘tear’ in V.2)

TURNING AWAY - Uke L.5 - Key Am; ERROR – Typo in V.4, end of 1st line - chord should be G (as in previous verses), not F!

Note: this error is probably on the guitar song sheet too

UP ON THE HOUSETOP - Uke L.4 - Key C; ERROR – Starting note (G) should be on ‘1st’ string (1st on L of diagram)

UP ON THE ROOF - Uke L.5 - Key C: ERROR – starting note is G (1st string on L of diagram), but lower octave.

WORRIED MAN BLUES - Uke L 14 - ERROR - V.2 - E chord should be E7