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Here is a master list of all the levelled songs on the site - up to Sept 2016.

I have not put links to the song sheets, just the titles; you can find the links on the List of Songs for Guitar, List of Ukulele Songs and Beginner Banjo Songs pages.

I will update the list on this page occasionally but keep an eye on the Updates/News page or the Cathy's Chords Facebook page for latest additions.


- If a song has been written out for e.g. guitar but not for ukulele, you can still play the song, as long as you have a chart of the chord diagrams for ukulele, just play your ukulele chord shapes where the chords are marked above the lyrics, and ignore the guitar chord diagrams on the song sheet.

- Songs with titles that begin (or may begin) with 'The' or 'A' are listed by the next word in the title; e.g.

Lion Sleeps Tonight (the)

Little Drummer Boy

Place in the Choir, a

- Songs with titles in capital letters: have been done for guitar but not yet for ukulele/banjo

- I have noted the key to most, but not all songs (mainly used when there is more than one version of a song)

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All The Songs 1. Titles 0-A to C

All The Songs 2. Titles D to H

All The Songs 3. Titles I to M

All The Songs 4. Titles N to S

All The Songs 5. Titles T to Z

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