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CathysChords hasn't retired yet :)

Despite the recent threat of closure due to lack of funding (this site is funded by me and by donations), loyal site users have come to the party with donations to keep it going for now.

It's been a labour of love for over 10 years, building up the resources on the site and putting in extra efforts when technological changes meant I've had to re-do enormous amounts of work- but I thought maybe it had had its day, as the donations had dried up and I was not able to renew the site subscription.

However, it's still here.

A huge Thank You to those wonderful people who have donated over the past few months- the immediate threat is now gone, and we're OK for now. If enough people keep contributing to keep the site open, I'm happy to keep it going for as long as it's useful!

If you would like to donate, there's a 'Donate' button at the bottom of the page.

Here is a list of all the current song sheets (with new links March 2017) for Banjo.

The list is in order of Level (note that the levels do not necessarily increase in difficulty, but are meant to build a 'bank' of chords; some have easier chords or easier options - see Levels and tips for chords on Banjo at bottom of Beginner Banjo Songs page).

All the song sheets here have chord diagrams for banjo.

Please let me know if you find any errors or links that don't work (see form at bottom of page), and of course if you'd like to donate a few dollars to help with site costs, that would be most welcome ( there is a DONATE button at the bottom of the page - but please don't feel obligated in any way, the songs are here for you to enjoy). 

Banjo Song Sheets - Level Order

BANJO LEVEL 1 - open G chord, bar C+D

BANJO LEVEL 2 - C chord

BANJO LEVEL 3 - D7 chord


BANJO LEVEL 4 - D chord


BANJO LEVEL 5 - Em chord


BANJO LEVEL 6 - G7 chord

BANJO LEVEL 7 - F chord


BANJO LEVEL 8 - Am chord

BANJO LEVEL 9 - Dm chord

BANJO LEVEL 9 - Dm chord

BANJO LEVEL 11 - A chord (bar or formed)

BANJO LEVEL 12 - B7 chord

No songs currently done at this level

BANJO LEVEL 13 - E7 chord

BANJO LEVEL 14 - A7 chord

BANJO LEVEL 15 - Bm chord

BANJO LEVEL 16 - Fm, F#m chord

No songs currently done at this level

BANJO LEVEL 17 - Bb chord

BANJO LEVEL 17+ C7 chord

No songs currently done at this level

BANJO LEVEL 17 - Bb chord


Here are some Christmas songs that are not too hard to play on banjo. I have levelled them, but don't be too worried about the levels- they all have the chord diagrams, and most of the 'hard' chords have an easier alternative given.

Some have a couple of versions, in different keys- so you can choose the one that is easier for you to play and sing. Some are in quite a low key to sing, so you might want to put a capo on the 2nd-3rd fret, or even higher. (Just remember that if you are playing a 5-string banjo. the 5th string won't be altered by the capo, so don't play the 5th string if you are using a capo).

Angels We Have Heard on High - Key G

B.L 3 Angels We Have Heard on High _Key G_G,D7,C

God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen - Key Am

B.L.13 God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen_Key Am

the Little Drummer Boy - Key C

B.L 17 the Little Drummer Boy _C_ C,F,G7,Bb

Once in Royal David’s City - Key G

B.L 3 Once in Royal David’s City _Key G_G,D7,C 

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Key C

B.L 7 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer_Key C

We Three Kings - Key Am

B.L 13_ We Three Kings_Key Am

When a Child is Born - Key G

B.L 4 When a Child is Born_Key G_G,C,D7,D

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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