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                     Next Songs for Guitar- Levels 7-10

If you have been practising the "easy" songs from Level 1-6, you're ready to tackle a slightly trickier chord- F; then a couple of easier chords, Am and C7, will take you through to Level 10.

Level 7 New Chord: F

You can start off playing the F chord as a bar chord if you like, or you can just play the "easy" F until you feel like trying the bar version.

I'm just using the "easy" version here*, though most beginner guitarists don't find this chord so easy. It's worth persisting with, though. You need to pull back with your wrist so that your first finger can press down firmly on the first two strings. Strum across the strings to check that each string rings clearly.

The change from C to F isn't too hard. It's really just pulling back your hand so that your third and fourth fingers move one string "up" **, and your first finger presses down onto the top string as well as the second string (a semi-bar).

*(I'll do a page on bar chords soon).

**(the top strings on the guitar are the highest pitch, even though when you hold the guitar, they're on the bottom!)  

This song was recorded by Boney M back in the 70s- well worth digging out if you can find a copy. This version mostly uses C and G7, with some F chords in the chorus, so it's a good one to practise F.

Remember that you don't need to move your fingers apart much- your third and fourth fingers stay pretty much together in the same position for C, G7 and F- they just swap strings- and your first finger stays in the first fret on the first and second strings.

LEAVING ON A JET PLANE -Level 7 -(link fixed Sept 2015)

This is based on the Peter, Paul and Mary version. It has the same 3 chords, but the changes are faster, with a lot more C-F changes.  

OH SUSANNA - Level 7 - C, G7, F

Some fairly fast changes, but a fun song to sing.

Also at Level 7:

COME BY THE HILLS - Level 7 - C, G, Am, F


When I First Came to This Land - Level 7 - C, F, G (or G7)  

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Level 8 New Chord: Am

You should enjoy playing the Am chord- it's a very easy change from C (just one finger changes), and it has a lovely sound.

G, Em, D, D7, C, Am This song (based on the Peter, Paul and Mary version) has quite a few chord changes, but G is the only slightly challenging one (try using 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers for G). It has a really haunting sound, and is very satisfying to play and sing.

If you take it slowly, you can build up faster, smooth changes with practice- and there are 7 verses to help with this!

- G, G7, Em, D, D7, C, Am - another old favourite, made popular by the Seekers, with a good pace for chord changes.

SIX RIBBONS- Level 8 - Am G, F, Em, C - a beautiful song,

 popularised by Jon English in the 1970's TV series "Against the Wind".   

Other songs you may know at level 8:

FROM LITTLE THINGS BIG THINGS GROW - C,Am,Em,G - by Australian singer/songwriter Paul Kelly

PUFF, THE MAGIC DRAGON - in C- C, F, G7, Am, Em  


the SHORES OF AVALON - in C - C, F, G7, Em, Am 

This beautiful song was recorded by the Seekers. This is a simplified version.

The PDF has a link to a YouTube clip of the song, if you don't know it. There is also a suggested plucking pattern.

The TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN' - Level 8 - in G - G, Em, C, D, D7, Am - fairly constant chord changes, but once you get used to the progression of chords, this song sounds good and is fun to play

 THE STREETS OF LONDON - Level 8 - C, F, G7, G, D7, Em, Am - once again, the chord changes are constant but steady and you can sing this song as slow as you like. 

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Level 9 New Chord: C7

C7 is just the C chord with the fourth finger added as shown. It makes a good link between C and F chords.

AMAZING GRACE - Level 9 – C, F, G7, C7 - a lovely song, with a nice slow pace.

THE WATER IS WIDE - Level 9 - C,C7,G7,F, Em, Am - another good, slow song.

 When you have the chords down pat, try a rippling effect with the right hand, plucking the bass note* with your thumb, then 3rd, 2nd and 1st strings in sequence (using your 1st, 2nd & 3rd fingers): B321, B321 - with a steady 1234 rhythm. * the bass note is 5th string for C, C7 and Am; 6th string for G and 4th string for F.

THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND - Level 9 – C, G7, F, C7 - a bit faster now to practise those chord changes!

I'LL FLY AWAY - Level 9 - C, F, G, C7 If you know the tune to this song, it's a great one to do as a group sing-along, lending itself to easy harmonies. Listen to it on Youtube 

 BANKS OF THE OHIO - Level 9 - C, F, G, G7, C7 This is a nice easy pace to play; recorded by Olivia Newton-John.   

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Level 10 New Chord: Dm

This is another minor chord. It goes with F and is often used in a chord sequence or "turn around" involving C, Am, F and G7. It can feel a bit different or awkward at first.

AS TEARS GO BY - Level 10 - C, Am, F, G7, Dm

A good, easy-paced song to learn this new chord. When you change from Dm to G7, note that your first finger doesn't move- keep it in place as an "anchor", and it will make the change easier.

ALL I HAVE TO DO IS DREAM - Level 10 -  

C, Am, F, G7, D7, C7, Em, Dm

Another lovely, dreamy song- the slow pace will help you manage all the chord changes in this old Everly Brothers hit.


-C, F, G, Em, Am, Dm You may want to use the 2,3,4 fingering

on the G chord for an easier change to and from C.

This Eric Bogle classic is a brilliant song, lovely to sing with guitar accompaniment.

 See if you can get a copy of Eric singing it - have a look at the Eric Bogle official Website for more information and CDs from this great artist and songwriter.

 More songs at Level 10: 

... also check the Guitar Songs - Levels page for more

recent songs at this level!    


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