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Miscellaneous Song Sheets with guitar chords

I have received a wonderful bundle of hand-written song sheets from Ian in Queensland, - a lifetime's worth of songs which he'd added chords to, and was willing to share.

There are more songs than I would ever have the time to type out and format with chord diagrams etc. (and there are many songs which are beyond the levels I've done, as well as many I don't know), so I thought it may be useful to scan the sheets as they are and make them available for download. I'll also add some from my song collection that are not suitable for my normal format (or that I may not get time to type up/format etc).

I have levelled them roughly according to the Guitar Songs levels elsewhere on this site. Many have chords that are not included in the CathysChords charts, so if you're not an experienced player you may need to look up some if the chords online.

If you want to change the chords to a key that's easier to sing/play, but are not sure how, have a look at Changing the Key.

So, thanks to Ian's generous donation of material, here is a list of song sheets, in roughly alphabetical order, that you may download for your use. Please note that we do not own the songs - these are personal interpretations and are provided 'as is' for the purposes of study.

I'll add more as I get them scanned, labelled/levelled and uploaded. So far, I've done the A's....

Song Sheets to download 

Click on the song sheet link to open/download the PDF song sheet.

Some sheets have more than one song.

The songs have chords and are mostly handwritten, with no chord diagrams.


TITLE               -           LEVEL              -      CHORDS                 - LINK to SONGSHEET

Abilene                           L.14          G,C,A7,D,B7             Abilene,Ano. Somebody_Ian’s

Act Naturally                    L.17+        E,A,B7,B,F#,F#7     Act Naturally_Ian’s_L17+

Ain’t Misbehavin’               L.20+          E,B9,G#7 etc…   Ain’t Misb, All Shook Up_Ian's

Ain’t She Sweet                  L.17+         D,G#7,A7, F#7….     All Of Me, Aint She Sweet &1_Ian’s

Alexander’s Ragtime Band     L.12         D,A7,G,E7,Em        Alex. R Band &2_Ian's_L12-20+

All Of Me                        L.20+           Bb,D7,Cm,Eb….          All Of Me, Aint She Sweet &1_Ian’s

All Shook Up                     L.13           A,D,E                     Ain’t Misb, All Shook Up_Ian's

Anchors Aweigh             L.8         C,Am,F,G7,D7               Anniv.Waltz&2_Ian's_L8-20+

Anniversary Song            L.14         B7,Em,Am,D7,G            Alex. R Band &2_Ian's_L12-20+

Anniversary Waltz            L. 20+         C,G7,Dm,F,A, G+…       Anniv.Waltz&2_Ian's_L8-20+

Another Somebody          L. 20+         F,Bb,C7…        Gm7,Fmaj7 Anniv.Waltz&2_Ian's_L8-20+

Another Somebody         L. 20+         F,Bb,C7…         Gm7,Fmaj7    Abilene,Ano. Somebody_Ian’s

Apple Blossom Time      L.17+            A,C#m,D,B7,F#...         All Of Me, Aint She Sweet &1_Ian’s

April Sun in Cuba            L. 20+           Asus4,Gmaj7….          April Sun in Cuba_Ian’s_L20+

Around the World           L. 20+        C, Cmaj7, C6 etc             Alex. R Band &2_Ian's_L12-20+

Christmas Songs

Please note- these are scans of old handwritten sheets; there may be more than one song on each sheet. There may be better versions of the songs on the sheets in Christmas Songs

TITLE                   -      LEVEL        -        CHORDS                  - LINK to SONGSHEET

Away in a Manger        L. 10        C,G7,Am,Dm                 X.1 Away_Manger, J. Bells, Silent Night

Christmas Lullaby        L. 10        C,F,G7,Dm                     X.2 Ch. Lullaby, S. Claus is Coming to Town

Dum-de-diddly (I can see a Christmas Tree)         L.6 C,G7         X.2 Ch. Lullaby, S. Claus is Coming to Town

From a Distance           L. 5-8+     G,C,D7,Em,(Am7)             X.5 From a Distance, Let There be Peace

It Came Upon the Midnight Clear L.8      C,G7,F,Am                X.3 Rudolph, It Came Upon the Midnight

Jingle Bells                    L. 7          C,G7,F                                   X.1 Away_Manger, J. Bells, Silent Night

Let There be Peace on Earth L.8 (15) C...Em (G…Bm)          X.5 From a Distance, Let There be Peace

Mary's Boy Child          L.8           G,C,D7,Am,Em                   X.4 Mary's Boy Child

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer L.7. C,G7,D7,F                   X.3 Rudolph, It Came Upon the Midnight

Santa Claus is Coming to Town L.4 (8) G,C,D7,A7,D (Am)                     X.2 Lullaby, S. Claus is Coming

Silent Night                  L. 4             G, D7, C                              X.1 Away_Manger, J. Bells, Silent Night  

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