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Purple People-Eater -for guitar, ukulele and banjo

Posted on April 6, 2020 at 10:10 PM

What a fun song this is! It’s an easy one to do (just D, G, A7) on guitar or ukulele, and not too hard on banjo (especially if you swap an A chord for the A7).

I’ve written it out in the same key throughout the song, but in the recording, the key jumps up a semitone a few times.

The ‘rising key’ version is tricky to play, but if you want to play along with the recording, there’s a few tricks you can use –

on guitar, just quickly slip a capo on for V.2, then slide up one fret for V.3 again at V.5;

for ukulele, you can use a capo as above, or play all the chords from V.2 as bar chords;

for banjo, you can play all the chords (except the G) as bar chords.


Here are the links to the song sheets:


for guitar gL 2_Purple People-Eater_Key D_D,A7,G


for ukuleleUke L.12_Purple People-Eater_Key D_D,A7,G


for banjoB.L.14 Purple People-Eater_Key D_D,A7,G


There is a YouTube clip of the song (same key) here:


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