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Mama Don't 'Low - for guitar, ukulele and banjo

Posted on April 5, 2020 at 2:50 AM

You can have lots of fun with this one, either in a multi-instrument group or with children (making up extra verses with more instruments for children to pretend to play, or other actions that Mama doesn’t approve of...)


I wrote it out a while ago in key of A (A, E7, D7 chords) as I find thayt a good key for singing this song. If you prefer a different key, you could change it to e.g, Key G (G, D7, C7 chords) or C (C, G7, F7 chords).


Here are the links to the song sheets:


for guitar - gL 12_Mama Don’t ’Low (Key A - A,E7,D7)


for ukulele - Uke L.14_ Mama Don’t ’Low (Key A - A,E7,D7)


for banjo - B.L.13 Mama Don’t ’Low (Key A - A,E7,D7)


There is a YouTube clip of the song here (same key, different verses):


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