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"Aussie" Christmas Songs

Posted on December 8, 2017 at 5:25 PM

I haven't been able to make any new songs sheets for ages, but I'm hoping that the links to the current songs have now all been fixed (please let me know if you find any duds!)

Thank you to Dianne for her suggestion of Aussie versions of favourite Christmas songs, including “Deck the Sheds with Bits of Wattle” and “Aussie Jingle Bells”.

You can find the lyrics for these songs online:

Deck the Sheds with Bits of Wattle

Aussie Jingle Bells

- just play the songs using the chords as in the current song sheets for the normal versions.

The site linked to ( also has explanations of the Aussie terms, and a link to where you can purchase a CD of the songs if you like.

Hope you all enjoy the Christmas season!

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