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California Dreamin' - for guitar and ukulele

Posted on September 13, 2016 at 10:10 AM



I was asked to write this out for our Friday Folkies group. This is the way we do it, with 2 singing parts. I’ve simplified the chords a bit, and I’ve only done it for guitar so far… not sure how the chords would sound on uke but it’s lovely with the full sound of guitar.


It’s not easy to play or sing, but it’s well worth persisting with. The chord changes are not difficult but they’re constant, mostly every 2 beats, and the song parts need at least 2 voices for best effect. It took us lots of practice before we could get it smoothly.


Here is the link to the song sheet (for guitar): L.14+ California Dreamin_Key Am



You can hear the song on YouTube -  





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