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Comes a Time - for guitar and ukulele

Posted on September 7, 2016 at 2:10 AM



Classic Neil Young, lovely to sing, this song works better on guitar than ukulele as the chords sound better, but still worth a go on uke if you like the song. The timing of the lyrics is a little off-beat at times - listen to a recording to pick it up (I've tried to indicate it on the song sheets)


The recorded key (G) has a Bm chord in it, so I’ve done an easy version for guitar with simplified chords (don’t be put off by the “level” of 17+); it’s in the Key of A, so a little higher than the recorded version but still not too high to sing. This version isn’t any easier on uke, so there’s just the one song sheet for uke.

Here are the links to the song sheets:


for guitar - L.10+ Comes a Time_Key G

                   L.17+easy Comes a Time_Key A


for ukulele - Uke L.17 Comes a Time_Key G


There is a YouTube clip of the song here (Key G):  



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